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Watercolor Asters in Real Time

What's been the most popular request around here lately? REAL TIME watercolor videos! So that's what I'm serving up with this wreath of asters tutorial! In the video, you’ll get to see every single step and follow my process. It’s a different format for the blog and video since I wasn’t pausing filming to take photos, but you'll find all the step-by-step content in the video.

If you are interested, be sure to give it a watch:


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I am working on hot press watercolor paper today - it has a really smooth surface that I enjoy working on. If you prefer cold press or rough, which have different surfaces, it doesn’t really matter - just use the paper that you love. I have my Mungyo 48 pan set and will use my number 3 pointed round brush for the entire wreath. I also start with two glasses of water and some paper towel for blotting my brush.

Tip #1 You can always use the paints right out of the pan. For me, it is just another part of the art to mix my own colors. You can see in the video that my pan gets messy, but whenever I get a new set of paints, I create a color chart so I can reference what each color looks like on paper.

A wreath is a great way to start painting - all you have to do is follow your circle. Asters are the birth flower for September and a fun wildflower to paint. Every petal should be different, and the flower is pretty much just bursts of thin lines. You don’t have to count petals, and they are all imperfectly perfect.

I hope you have fun following along in the video and enjoy a little more insight into my process. Don’t rush, take your time, and enjoy the process of painting - think about color and brushstrokes and let yourself really get into the painting and enjoy it.

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hey love your new blog i had an idea for videos maybe you could like how to match mix medium art together or a detailed video on line shading oh and i simply loved your live stream so delicate and beautiful

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