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October Plan With Me

I can't believe we're already planning for October! This year I'm using the monthly birth flowers as my journal theme, and for October the flower is the lovely marigold! I've created a dutch-door cover page with a marigold and harvest moon theme. Did you know there are two full moons in the month of October this year? The harvest moon and the hunters moon will both be visible and the later even falls on Halloween! I've tried my best to incorporate all that autumn magic in my spread this month!

Watch the full Plan With Me video here and get inspired for the month ahead!


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The cover page features two moons. I started by tracing a large circle to act as the main form for the illustration. Follow along with me and sketch the crescent moon, add a few small circles where you'll eventually place each flower, and then add a smaller circle for

the full moon.

Each month I like to place my goals and affirmations underneath the dutch-door cover. I also like to do a small illustration of the flower of the month. This month for my marigolds I used a muted color palette of peach, honey brown and navy blue.

This month I created a large calendar spread across two pages. I placed the larger grid on the left of the spread and used the extra space on the right to create this full moon and floral silhouette illustration. Watch the tutorial to see how I used my pitt pens to shade the moon.

Most of my weekly layouts follow a similar format. I typically use two pages and divide them up either horizontally or vertically. This is one is no different! I divided the two pages into eight sections and kept each section separated with some simple warm grey lines.

Leaving the margin open allows you space to add some colorful illustrations. I chose to add fall foliage like berries, acorns, oak leaves and more! Plan your color palette ahead of time for a cohesive look. I'm working with a palette of brown, magenta, peach and lots of grey, of course!

Watch the October Plan With Me and get organized and inspired for the month ahead!

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1 Comment

Lisa McOrist
Lisa McOrist
Oct 02, 2020

Love this whole theme with the flowers and the moon 💕. What is that little dot grid notepad you used for the colour palette?

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