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My All Time Favorite Bujo Supplies

Today is all about my favorite bullet journaling supplies. We do a lot of art and a lot of journaling - every month we do a ‘Plan With Me’ tutorial and I have a lot of supplies that I use. Since it’s September and I’m feeling that back to school vibe, I thought it would be fun to share my favorites with you. I know I tend to breeze through them in the videos so today is all about the little things that make these stationery items my favorites.

To see me demonstrate them all, check out the video:


*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links from which, at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission from.

Binder Clips

I think this is actually the supply I get asked about the most often. I have binder clips in several colors; black, gold, rose gold, and in several sizes. I use them in all my videos to hold the pages in place while I am working. While you can buy them online this is definitely one where I want to encourage you to shop locally. Anytime you are in a bookstore, stationery store, or art store, look for stuff like this because that is typically where I get mine.

Pencils & Erasers

There is absolutely nothing special about my pencils. I always reach for a mechanical pencil and I am using 0.5 HB led. I buy sets of them and usually pick them out based on what color will look good when filming. So don’t spend your money on expensive pencils. I do prefer to have an eraser that is separate from my pencil and always pick out artist or gum erasers because they are softer. The softness is important because you are less likely to crease the page when you are erasing. You may remember from my videos that I always use a large mop brush to brush away any eraser dust. I keep one with my supplies just for this so I don’t have to blow on the page or wipe the dust away risking spitting or smudging anything. This is another dollar store buy for me.

Pencil Case

The pencil case on my desk in my videos is also the source of a lot of questions. It is from Pulp Storage, it is heavy cardboard, and one of two pencil cases I have from this brand. They are simple and minimal, and this one has a tight-fitting lid that fastens with an elastic if I want to take it on the go. They are just well-designed products, perfect for holding all my pens.


For journaling, there is nothing that beats the Pigma Micron Fineliners. The numbers on them indicates the nib size and a set of 6 will include everything you need. The range of nib sizes is important to have when you’re journaling and you want that precision. The 005 is what I use on my calendar pages with all of the tiny numbers. For writing, I will usually use an 01 or 03 and for most illustrations, I will use an 03 or 05.

Gel Pens

I love using a gel pen - it adds such beautiful detailing to illustrations. The best that I have found, by far, is the Uniball Signo White Gel Pen. It has a really nice ballpoint, you can see how much ink is left, and you can make some beautiful stuff with it. With some gel pens, you kind of scratch away the ink that you have already laid down, and that just means the ballpoint or the ink is dried out. I have never had this problem with the Uniball and I highly recommend it!


I use almost exclusively the Faber Castell Pitt Brush Pens. I absolutely love them. I started with just using a couple of shades of gray - you know how I love gray. There is a lot I could do with just those but this year I have been trying to add in more color. I tend to pick them up in smaller sets or even one at a time. They are nice bright true colors and they don’t bleed through the page. They are India ink which is closer to water-based; anything alcohol-based is going to go right through the page while water-based tends to sit on top of the paper. I love them for journaling so that I can use both sides of the paper.


The notebook that I use for journaling is the Confidant hardcover notebook by Baron Fig. I just happened to pick it up in a book store and fell in love with the quality. It has a dot grid paper which helps me keep everything straight and has nice thick paper. I also have their leather cover for my journal - it protects my notebook and means I can throw it in my bag without worrying.

Washi Tape

The final supply is a bit of washi tape. I only use it from time to time so I don’t have a lot of it but I do have a few patterns and colors that I love. My favorite is from MT Tape, just pick out one or two rolls that are in your color palette and that is all you need.

Whether you are just getting into bullet journaling or have been following along with me, I hope this gives you some more insight into how I work. You don’t always need expensive supplies or every color of marker to be ready to go. Happy Journaling!

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Alejandra Yoon
Alejandra Yoon
Oct 31, 2020

Love your work! Can you share what colors of the faber castell brush pens you own?


Shayda I love bullet journaling. It is important to me to plan out on paper my daily activities. When my children were growing and I worked full time if it wasn’t in writing it was possible it didn’t get done. It only took one time to forget something that made me realize I needed be more organized. Looking back through my journals to see the growth of my husband,children, and myself Gives me warm fuzzies. Shayda I love your channel. I can’t wait from week to week for Your next class. TKS


I adore your style and I’ve been following you from afar! I’m new to watercolor painting and discovered it after a tragedy. Thank you for always being positive. I look forward to all of your information.


Azra Jamal
Azra Jamal
Sep 04, 2020

i love all your page layouts .....i watch all your videos regularly.....

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