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June Plan With Me

It is time for our June Plan With Me! My theme this month is the strawberry moon, the name of the full moon next month. I have been working on this spread all month, and, I am excited to say I am finishing it up as a new mama.

Follow along in the video here:

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Marker Colors:

Tombow Brush Pens: Port Red #757, Blush #772, Sand #992, Opal #910

Faber-Castell Pitt Brush Pens: 177- Walnut Brown, 157-Dark Indigo, 268- Green Gold, 271- Warm Grey II, 272- Warm Grey III, 114- Light Skin, 133-Magenta

For my dutch door cover page I started by tracing a circle and drawing a little basket underneath. The illustration comes together with the tiny wild strawberries bursting out of the basket. Starting with some curving lines coming out of the basket, I added oval shapes to mark out strawberries along them and tucked in little leaves and flowers to frame the berries.

I have some pastel pinks for the moon, plus more reddish pinks and an ivory for the strawberries. Using the same colors for the berries, I use the next darkest color to add the seeds on each. I have done this before, and think it is so much fun, to change up your green. For the vines and leaves I am using a navy blue. Everybody expects green, but it gives the cover page a really nice illustrative quality.

The flowers are pretty basic with a yellow center and a warm gray to draw some petals in. But it adds flowers, and I am using the same warm gray for the seeds on the unripe berries. To give them a little more oomph, I went over the flowers with pen at the very end, to give them a stronger contour. Alternating between two browns, I am creating the woven basket beneath the flowers. I created a checkerboard pattern with the first brown and use the slightly darker one to add some texture with lines overtop. In pen, I added a few more details and the title before cutting the page out.

Tucked behind my dutch door cover page, I have my regular month at-a-glance, with lists for goals and focus. I use the focus list for my affirmations for the month. Using the same color palette and design as the cover page, I added another strawberry illustration along the bottom. It is very whimsical and loose, just a pop of color to pretty-up the page.

Next up is my calendar page, as usual, I marked it out in pencil and then go over it with pen. I have a little decoration across the top, but my main illustration is on the opposite page. Using a roll of washi tape, I traced two circles to create the crescent moon. My wild strawberries border that moon and I have a strawberry up above the calendar with some flowers as well.

My classic warm grays are perfect for this moon and the rest of my color palette is the same. That is the great thing - once you develop a palette and decide what you are going to illustrate, you can just change it up. In that way, your bujo can be really fun, you don't have to reinvent everything each time you flip the page. You are working with the same colors but just changing the designs slightly. Here, I used the blue for the night sky instead and used the warm brown from the basket for the leaves.

This weekly layout is one I go back to again and again, especially when I know I am not going to be super into journaling. Right now, it is summer and I have a brand new baby, so I just want something that is achievable. A lot of what I am doing this month is super quick and simple, which is especially nice for the weekly that you are creating several of.

I pencil in all the lines, leaving a large margin in the middle for an illustration. Going over everything with an 04 nib gives a nice weight to these kind of titles and is so quick. To zhuzh it up a bit, I have the illustration in the center. I still want it to be achievable and quick so I have a design element and some color but it isn't something that takes forever.

Grabbing any color marker, I sketch in the flowers of four or five petals each. The petals at the bottom of the page are shorter to create some depth. Different sizes of flowers creates a nice contrast. Then of course, I use my black fine liner to add all of the details. I start with outlines, dots, and lines in the center for the stamens, and add stems and leaves. This brings what was a very simple illustration to life. To be a little extra, I even used a darker brown marker to add some shading to the center of the flowers.

That is our extra easy, baby-friendly, weekly layout! I also created an extra easy mood tracker this month which you can find in the video. I tried to keep things really manageable this month. You don't have to have a new baby to want simple and achievable - this is perfect for summer as well. I hope you have fun with your designs this month and get creative.

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Mitch Teacher
Mitch Teacher
Jun 07, 2021

awesome, thanks


Tanmayee Wankhede
Tanmayee Wankhede
May 30, 2021

hey shayda, just wanted to come in and let you know that you're loved in every part of the world....... youve inspired me to start journaling you're videos are so peaceful, even if i m not doing anything that's in the video i just watch it..... they are like an escape from the real for me even if we've never met i feel as if you're a friend to me loads of love to you and yours love from india

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