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My 2020 Bullet Journal Flip-Thru

Today's video is a full flip-through of my two bullet journals for 2020, hopefully giving you some ideas for your own planner. All year I've been keeping a journal and releasing monthly planning videos. At the end of the year I like to look back to see what worked, what didn't, and what I may want to use in the next year.

In the video you see there are a few weeks where things got away from me and I didn't use my journal. Usually I need my to-do lists and am using the journal, but remember that it is ok to miss some time! If you are behind or you missed the whole summer - you don't need to wait until 2021 to start up again. Don't be afraid to start journaling if you know you will miss some time. Enjoy the journal when you want to, and leave it when you don't.

For the full flip through, you can see even more in the video:

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My first journal lasted until June, so I used two Baron Fig notebooks this year. My challenge for 2020 was to incorporate more color. I don't like loud color palettes and am most comfortable with black and white, so I needed to be able to use color in a way that fit my style. You'll see the colors are more muted and simple, but this dutch door cover page seemed to colorful at the time!

There wasn't a lot going on in 2020 so my date book didn't get heavy use. The colored lines are the weekends, which made it easy to use. It was still a great place to list birthdays and appointments etc. to quickly reference.

In the 2020 Plan With Me I also did a key, the birth flowers for the year that I would use each month, and more flower doodles to inspire me. I had two goal spreads, one for the YouTube channel and one for personal goals. Some of it was silly stuff, and not everything could be checked off since there were travel goals on there!

I ended up loving my coloring page for the financial tracker! It tracked my savings week by week and I may use it again this year.

Getting into the monthly set-ups, I regressed a little with my use of color in January but it made a comeback in February. Our March flower was the daffodil and I saw so many great recreations of this cover page! The video was one of the most popular of the year and I loved using my muted grays again.

We did a dial calendar in March which are so much fun to draw but not quite as easy to use. I also loved the March weekly layout. All straight lines and tight, everything is in its place and you have the florals surrounding everything. I'll definitely be using that one again in 2021.

The April calendar was probably too small to be useful. I made great use of the daisies though with lots throughout the month. I had an illustration on ripped paper and daisies throughout every weekly layout.

The May cover page was another dutch door with a wreath which was really fun to work out. I cut away the top and bottom of the page as well and continued the illustration on the next page. I did a stay-at-home activities tracker which I think could come in really handy this winter. If you missed it you can watch the video here.

July I started in a new notebook and after slowing down a bit in June I was excited to get back to journaling. We had delphiniums in July in a blue I didn't love but another great weekly layout. August's gladiolas were definitely a favorite with my Summer in a Jar cover page and muted colors but the weekly layout was only ok.

September's cover page was another popular one with so many amazing recreations on social media. I tried the same weekly layout as August but it was much more successful. I was more comfortable with how to use the flower doodles to fill out the page. I really enjoyed the design layout as it came together in the photo above.

October's flower was marigold but I incorporated a moon theme as well for the two full moons we had that month. Browns and oranges are not my color palette but I pushed myself to make something I loved. It is always a good feeling when something is hard for you but then you can be successful with it.

The November cover page was my least favorite of the year, a little too cluttered and colorful. The weekly layout included a little dutch door and I had so much fun with this one. In December we had poinsettias and lots of extra winter florals. I did a holiday wishlist which is a great design for any list you need. I used a weekly layout similar to August's and September's again but it gets a little more successful every time.

I will still be using my journal for December so I have a little more to do. I hope this gave you some inspiration though for your own journal and the one you will be making for 2021. There will also be a post soon for the new year's Plan With Me.

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