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How to Create a Mind Map

In today's bullet journal video I am getting creative and trying something new. I'm doing a mind map and am going to try watercolor in my journal! If you saw the 2021 setup I am loving the thick pages in my new Archer & Olive journal and tried out just a little watercolor.

For details check out the video:

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On the first page I cut a circle out to create a neat window page. I traced the window so I would know where to paint and started with this. With a few dark blues and purples mixed up I let it gradually get lighter towards the moon. It wasn't as easy as painting on watercolor paper and has a more muddled look but I still like the way it turned out. While that dried I worked on the top page.

Using two shades of gray and two shades of green Tombow brush markers I created a loose wreath around the window. By the time I had finished the paint was dry so I used the grays to finish up the moon and my white gel pen for the stars. I had a little title written out at the bottom of the page but decided I liked the contrast of adding the ripped paper first.

I have never tried a mind map in my journal before but I love the idea! I started by working it out in pencil, creating a messy border and marking out where the titles and florals would go. Switching it up from my usual black pens I decided to complete the entire page in blue. Having the guide done and just going over everything in pen really sets you up for success.

'My Art Practice' is the subject of my mind map, but you can use this page for anything. We have this beautiful spread ready to go, the final step is just to fill it in. The idea here is that I am creating a brainstorming map on the subject of art and watercolor. In the video you can see how I started in pencil and changed things as I went, gradually branching off as I had new ideas. I think I'll go over it in pen and make it a little neater afterwards.

That is my creative mind map! You can use this for any topic, or use the window page for any type of spread. Have fun with it and get playful!

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