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December Plan With Me

It is already time for our December plan with me! This month I'm doing a dial calendar, a holiday wish list, and so much more. This will be our final plan with me of 2020, and the last spread using our monthly flowers. December's birth month flower is the poinsettia which we will carry through the whole month as a theme.

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Time for another dutch door cover page! The December birth flower is poinsettia but depending on what list you look at you will sometimes see narcissus or holly as well. They are all perfect for the holidays so I incorporated some into my designs as well.

I started with a cute little envelope and then filled it will a bunch of flowers popping out of it. I centered a few poinsettias and surrounded them with berries and pine. I tend to simplify my illustrations so its important to remember the key features, in this case, the pointed leaves and petals of the poinsettia. I outlined just the envelope and poinsettias so that they really popped on the cover, and thats our last dutch door of 2020!

The calendar could be seen peeking out from the cover page but the rest is hidden behind our dutch door. As always I include my goals and affirmations underneath (so they are a little more private) and an illustration of the birth flower. It is a great way to practice the flower for the month. Sometimes it is nice to just sketch it in pen without adding color if you like that - this month I've kept going with the markers and color. You can always do your poinsettias red as well!

Next up is a fun holiday wishlist spread! I used my washi tape to trace a circle and then carefully went around that to make a double line. I've done similar things before on the channel, creating a big burst of florals coming out from behind that circle. I included the poinsettia, lots of leaves in different shapes and sizes, and some berries. You can keep it even more wintery if you like by using more pine and holly, or use whatever you are most comfortable drawing.

This page I am keeping black and white, going over everything in pen with an .02 nib. It is not quite as chunky and gives extra precision to our fine detail here. I added lots of line shading so some of the flowers are dark and some are lighter. In the middle I wrote "holiday wishes" but it could be any kind of list! Think about holiday activities, wishlists, or goals for the season.

It has been a while since we have done a dial calendar but they are so fun and pretty and different. I start with a circle in the middle of the page and the month in fauxligraphy and build out a guide from there. The guide makes it really easy to design your calendar because you know where you are going to place each flower. I am getting a lot more practice with my poinsettias and their pointed leaves.

I am using an .04 nib to go over everything because it is a large drawing and I want the line to have a certain weight. Once the line drawing is done I added shading with my .005 Pigma Micron and filled in the leaves with my largest fine liner. The details on the leaves I added with a white gel pen.

You kind of need to know what your month ahead looks like to plan out which dates you will include. Or you can do this as the month goes by. I use mine for planning my videos so the dates are for every Tuesday and Friday.

Lastly, I am going back to basics for December with a simple weekly spread. I divide each page into three - the weekend I put as one since I don't plan as much then. Above the dates and days of the week I am creating a winter botanical spread. I started with the pine and layered some messy green leaves and berries. It all flows and looks nice together, I added some tiny pinecones and dark stems to connect everything together.

A title, small calendar and a space for notes or to-do lists finishes the whole spread off. I think this one will be easy to recreate during the busy holiday season. Hope you have fun finishing up your 2020 bullet journal!

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