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Autumn Flowers and Leaves

Autumn is absolutely my favourite season! I love the crunchy, colorful leaves, cold dark evenings, and cosy time spent indoors. Every year I 'celebrate' the season with a bit of extra baking (I like making savoury pies and fruit crisps), long hikes through the forest, and all the halloween candy I can get my hands on (mostly peanut butter cups)!

And I also like to incorporate the fall season into my artwork. In this video we'll do some beginner friendly mini watercolor paintings. These flowers and leaves capture the color and feel of autumn. We'll paint goldenrod, red clover, maple leaves and more! Check out the video and paint along with me!

Watch the full tutorial here:


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Remember, with watercolor painting it helps to start light and build up color as you go. Begin the leaves with lighter yellows and browns, and then add darker shades of brown or ochre on top. Same thing for the clover, start with a light purple or burgundy for the burst of tiny petals, and then use a darker, more saturated purple to add detail once the first bit has dried.

If you love painting leaves and flowers like I do, keep in mind that any of your favourite botanical forms can be made 'autumn-y' simple by changing your color palette from the usual greens to yellows, reds, oranges and browns. Warm tones are just the thing for this cosy, colorful season!

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Oct 09, 2020


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