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Art to Help You Relax

In this video I'm sharing five simple art projects that are designed to help you relax and unwind! Afterall, art should not be stressful! As you follow along with the video and do some art journaling with me, try your best to focus on the process, not the finished product. Take joy in the brush strokes, the colors, the materials, and forget the stress of 'getting it right'. As I often say, creativity is play, anyone can do it!

Chill out with some cute art projects, watch the full tutorial here:


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Project #1 is all about the brush strokes. Whether you're drawing a large, full leaf, or a thin delicate branch, focus on the way you move the pen across the paper. Let your hand go where it wants to and don't overthink this one!

To set yourself up for success, plan ahead and choose two colors that look nice together, as well as two different shapes and sizes of leaf. Here, I've used a subtle color palette of peach and honey brown, and I've created a contrast of size by making one leaf much smaller and more intricate than the other.

Project #2 follows the first nicely. Again, set yourself up for success by choosing two colors that work well together. Something with a subtle contrast, like this blush pink and apricot, looks quite pretty when finished.

Start by using the lighter color to create two, side-by-side, messy color blocks. Basically just two rough squares of color. In the video I used a large chisel tip marker and that worked very well for this step.

To finish the silhouette, draw two loose botanicals. Let go of the idea of 'good drawing'. Focus on the little branches and fluffy leaves. This is art that's meant just for you. The joy is in the doing.

Project #3 is a cactus, yes, but it's really a little study of color and form. Follow along with mine, and then create a cute illustration all your own! The focus here is not the drawing or the subject, but the combination of colors and patterns.

Try your best to work out a thoughtful color palette and think of ways to add in pattern or texture. You can try dots, lines, add a bit of white gel pen like I did, anything goes!

Project #4 is simple and sweet. We start by creating this color swatch. Choose three colors that you really love to see together, a combination that makes you smile. Of course, mine includes two greys!

Use a white gel pen to add a simple line drawing on top. It can be whatever pops into your head! Experiment with a new subject or choose something that you're super comfortable drawing. Doodle what makes you happy!

Project #5 is a pattern piece! This artwork comes together like a puzzle, you start with one piece and keep adding until you're all done! Watch the video for full instructions on all five projects!

I hope that these little journal art projects will inspire you to enjoy, and even get lost in, the process of making art. Let go of any worry about doing a good job and just play! This art is for you and no one else!

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1 Comment

Petula G
Petula G
Oct 16, 2020

This is a great idea to just start loving the process and I can see a weekend of drawing coming for me!

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