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Art for When You are Bored - Floral Edition

Today I am doing three floral projects that are meant to help you get inspired and feel creative again. If you don't know what to paint, try these out.

Follow along with me:

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One project that I go back to again and again is a wreath. I start by tracing a circle and working out a color palette. I start with the olive green and do one simple leaf design going around the page, leaving some space in between branches. With each color I slightly alter the leaves a little to give contrast and variety. This is also a great project to practice your brushwork. Botanicals should never be perfect so its okay to mess up, and you'll end up with a perfectly imperfect wreath.

I started this one by gluing a small black rectangle into my notebook, a little low on the page. With a pencil I sketched out some simple flowers - I chose to do a poppy with four petals. With a white gel pen I begin on the black, going over all the flowers and leaves. Around the border I added some smaller leaves. I filled in the petals completely, which means I had to leave some negative space between each petal, so you can still see the definition. If you don't want to use a gel pen, Sakura makes paint pens which can work really well for this one as well. Once the white portion is done I use my graphik fine liner to finish off the illustration.

I think this one is my favorite one! I am actually using the Koi watercolor brush pens. I use these a lot in my journal on their own but today I am also adding water to them. Starting with the pen I am sketching some loose pretty florals, simple four petal flowers, surrounded by branches and leaves. The pen can be used just like a paint brush, dragging it across the page or using the tip for delicate details. After the page is full I use a little clean water on a paintbrush and start to mess up the illustration a little. This is inspired by a blue porcelain design, but as if some water was spilled on it and messed up the design. You can see I didn't put it everywhere but as if it was randomly splashed across the page.

I hope you have fun and are feeling inspired! Try a wreath, a positive negative illustration or my messy porcelain flowers.

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