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Trying Watercolor Crayons for the First Time

In this video I tried a medium I have never tried before, and that is watercolor crayons! I purchased a set of 36 colors and am really excited about using them for the childlike and nostalgic feel of crayons. They look kind of chunky so I don't think they will be as great for precision as watercolor colored pencils so I'm just going to try to play and have fun!

Watch me experiment in today's video:

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The creative process is all about experimentation and play. I started by putting down some color on the page to test them out before trying to create anything. I wanted to see how they would blend and what you could do with them. I liked holding them on an angle and was really pleased with the way you could put crayon over already-rendered paint and could blend different colors together. If you are trying out a new medium it is always a good idea to do a little practice page like this.

Next I did try a little landscape, but if you want to see the final result you will need to check out the video. Since I haven't mastered this medium, I thought a very loose landscape would be a good place to start. As my first time trying watercolor crayons, I wasn't too happy with my result. Hopefully this is a reminder that all artists struggle with their own work and don't always get perfect results. But I tried out more techniques and had fun experimenting. Not everything I do is great and goes on instagram, but the process of learning and creating involves a lot of experimentation.

Mine got a little strange, but it was colorful and I had a lot of fun because I didn't know what I was doing! So, my best advice is to play and have fun with these crayons as if you're a kid. Creativity is play and anyone can do it.

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