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How to Paint Watercolor Pumpkins

Autumn is here! And autumn means pumpkins and gourds are finally in season, so that's exactly what we're painting! I'll share my step by step process for color mixing as well as painting these little cuties.

Watch the pumpkin painting tutorial on YouTube:


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We'll start by doing a quick sketch of five pumpkins and gourds. I created a balanced composition by dividing the page with a simple 2x2 grid and adding the fifth pumpkin right in the centre.

When painting the pumpkins, it helps to paint them one section at a time. You can create division by leaving just a wee bit of negative space. Watch the tutorial for all my tips and tricks.

For this pretty gourd we start with a creamy beige color for the entire body, and then add a bit of brown (or any dark color, hunter green would also be nice) while the beige is still slightly wet. Working with a wet on wet watercolor technique is a great way to achieve a natural and organic coloring on the squash.

Watch the latest video and paint along with me! And head to my Patreon site support the channel and get access to this autumn themed coloring page and lots more bonus content!

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2 commentaires

Petula G
Petula G
16 oct. 2020

Man, I need to start printing those pages to help me relax while colouring!


I dont know how to comment on the YouTube channel but I would love a chance to win supplies

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