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Gift Wrapping

If you are in need of some creative, pretty, and eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas, that is what today's post is all about! It is time for some winter crafts and I always love making my own wrapping paper for the holidays. We are using supplies that are easy to find and that you may have around the house already.

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First up is a simple floral gift wrap that you can create using some brush pens and newsprint or scrap paper. I'm going to take my black pen and start drawing flowers and leaves. This is perfect if you've been following the channel or blog and have been practicing your florals. You get to use them for something creative and gift-worthy. I did this very quickly, because it is going to be wrapped around something, it doesn't all need to be perfect. I think the messy floral adds to the hand-drawn look that adds charm to the gift wrap as well!

If you feel like illustrating your gift wrap by hand is too much work, this one is much simpler to complete. Using a pencil with a relatively new eraser, I dipped it in my acrylic paint and used that to create this polk-a-dot or falling snow print. The dots can be as close or as far apart as you like. By mixing up the paint or the stamp you can come up with a lot of designs for this one.

If you had noticed the gift tags, that is what we are going to create next! You can reuse them year to year, or hang them on the tree when you are done with it. They are made using air dry clay which is so easy to use. I just roll it out like I would a cookie dough and then use cookie cutters to cut out some pretty circles and shapes. Before you leave them to dry just remember to poke a hole for the ribbon so we can attach them to the gifts.

Depending on the color of clay you use you may want to paint them as well. These ones I painted white and then added that splattered pottery affect by dipping a stiff brush in black acrylic and flicking it at the tags. Depending on your paint you may need to add some water into it to loosen it up a bit to get a bigger splatter. Once completely dry I just added the names with a sharpie. We have them around the house now with all our families names, and for gifts for coworkers or someone who may not reuse it I write 'Love' on one side to make a nicer tree ornament.

This next one is really cute, all you need is your kraft paper and a paint pen. This one I wrapped the gift first so the design is all on one side. I drew a cute little gingerbread house that I had sketched out first on a piece of scrap paper. If you prefer you can draw it on in pencil first, but free-handing helps give it that whimsical look. Sometimes the little oddities and things that aren't quite straight give it all its character.

This gift tag is a much quicker craft if you need some extras. They are also made out of recycled cardboard and paper so raid your recycling bin for cereal boxes or envelopes in colors you like. I made a cardboard tracer to speed up the process and make all the tags even. I put a square of washi tape at the top and then used a hole punch right in the middle. It is a simple little project, but a great way to use scraps that you have instead of buying tags or more paper products. Try them out in different sizes and shapes!

I like to create a lot with just a little, find the beauty in simplicity. I think these gift wraps and tags really fall into that, trying to use what you have on hand or in your recycling. Then switch out the paper and plastic bows for a sprig of holly or a dried orange slice to finish them all off. Have fun crafting and getting creative with your gift wrap this year!

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Susan C
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