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9 Mini Marker Flowers To Fill Your Journal

Today I'm sharing my process for nine wintery botanical illustrations to fill your sketchbook. I am working in marker today so they are fun and quick to do, perfect for filling your journal or sketchbook or to practice your drawing.

Watch me draw each one in the video:

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They all have a wintery or seasonal twist and I wanted to start with pine! I drew the messy stems with tiny little branches poking off. With a light green I added quick brushstrokes coming out, and then did the same in a darker green. I am not going to get very color-specific with the markers today, but I layered two greens, and two browns to complete the pine branch.

Next up is a very simple leaf design. This is to demonstrate that anything can be made wintery if you play around with the color palette. With two different greys I did a thin line for the middle branch and then a wider stroke going out for the leaves.

Next is a winter berry, something like a rosehip, that you would see dried and still really colorful on a winter trail. I drew three circles, leaving a little highlight then used a darker color to join them all with stems and branches. I finished it off with a couple little leaves on the branch and the top of each berry.

Starting with two clusters of dark blue and purple, the next illustration is just connected by stems in brown. Remember to keep the stems a little crooked and wobbly so it looks natural and organic.

I love to include white flowers in winter illustrations. I started with the cluster of dots as the stamen in honey brown. Then, because its white, I used a warm grey to draw the petals circling around the stamen. It really pops once we add some dark green leaves.

Next up is what I would use for a wintery garland or a Christmas card border. It starts with a green leaf similar to the grey one, but I added a twin darker leaf right over top.

Using a warmer green I wanted to include another berry similar to a holly or mistletoe. Then I come in with that darker green as well, adding a few more leaves to give it a natural flow and look. I added some tiny stems with tiny little red berries, although a magenta would work well with this one too. It is delicate and pretty and very Christmasy.

The easiest way to draw pinecones is to start with two brown circles or ovals. Using a black fineliner I just added the scalloped lines to create a cartoony pinecone. Using a dark blue, or dark green, I added very simplified pine boughs in behind to give the look of needles in a cutesy way.

I figured I needed to include a poinsettia but wanted to simplify this one as well. I started with the stamen, a cluster of dots in the center. While the flower has many petals, I am only going to use six, but will capture the essence by keeping the petals and leaves very pointed.

I hope you have some wintery botanical ideas that will help you fill your journals or holiday cards this year!

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