shayda's Watercolor E-Course

Watercolor Painting for the Absolute Beginner with a Focus on Flowers & Leaves

Learn the basics of watercolor and start painting with confidence, even if you've never painted before!

My goal as an artist and YouTube creator is always to encourage the artist in all of us. As I often say, creativity is play, anyone can do it! But creativity and artistic pursuits can be intimidating, so in this course I'm offering over three hours of video tutorials all focused on getting you comfortable with watercolor painting.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • all about supplies

  • paper weight and type

  • brushes and their uses

  • color theory

  • color mixing

  • how to use your brush

  • textural techniques

  • painting with depth and perspective

  • how to paint leaves

  • how to paint loose flowers

  • how to paint white flowers

  • how to design and layout a painting

  • and so much more!

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Watercolor E-Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

1.1 Meet the Artist 

1.2 Course Overview 

1.3 All About Watercolor Painting  

1.4 Why Leaves and Flowers?


Module 2: Supplies and Preparation

2.1 Paper 

2.2 Paint 

2.3 Brushes 

2.4 Other Supplies

2.5 Quality Products


Module 3: Fundamentals

3.1 Stretching Paper 

3.2 Color Theory 

3.3 Mixing Your Paints 

3.4 Using Your Brush 

3.5 Wet Into Wet 

3.6 Masking and Textural Techniques 


Module 4: Getting To Know Your Supplies

4.1 Simple Masking and Wash

4.2 Wash + Botanicals

4.3 Brush Stroke Practice with Leaves

4.4 Technique Practice with Leaves

4.5 Loose Watercolor Florals


Module 5: Flowers and Leaves

5.1 Paint Leaves with Me

5.2 Start Painting Flowers 

5.3 Perspective

5.4 Painting White Flowers

5.5 Rose, Pansy, Marigold & Lily


Module 6: Floral Watercolor Projects

6.1 Monochromatic Floral Design

6.2 Floral Wreath

6.3 Goodbye and Thank You

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