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How to switch your membership tier on Patreon
Switching your tier on Desktop

You can change your membership tier whenever you like. To switch tiers, follow the steps below:

  1. While logged in to your patron profile, click the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation

  2. Click the Active memberships link from the menu bar

  3. Locate the creator and click the Edit link

  4. Click the Edit button in the SUMMARY section of the payment page

  5. Click the Join button for the tier you’d like to switch to

  6. Review your new tier and payment details and click the Update button to confirm. If your creator requests your address for potential physical benefits, you can add or remove your address after the updated page.

Switching your tier on the Patreon app
  1. Tap on your profile image at the top left corner of your device

  2. Tap on My memberships

  3. Locate the creator and tap on the pencil icon

  4. Scroll down to the SUMMARY of the checkout page and click on Edit under your tier

  5. Tap on the Join button for the tier you’d like to switch to

  6. Tap the Update button to finalize your changes

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